Merry meet my sisters and brothers. I'm 32 and married to my high school sweet heart. Together we have two handsome little boys. I am a stay at home mom that just so happens to be a solitary witch. I love to read the Tarot and its a gift that I love to share with others. I have my Facebook page where you can learn more info on my services, if you like what you see you can learn more about setting up an appointment.

My tumblr page will be a place to share my thoughts, so be prepared for much randomness. I'm also allowing questions to be asked but for right now no Tarot questions, however any other questions are welcomed with open arms. Thank you to all who choose to follow my page, Blessed Be ♥

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  • Saw this on WItcyWords.Blogspot.come and I decided to share it. Super simple so give it a try! A home can never have too much protection in it!

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    #Protection Spells
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