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The New Moon in the constellation of Leo is here. We welcome this shift of creative and passionate energy that this New Moon cycle brings us! Like with all New Moons this is a new Moon cycle, it is a time to start a fresh. The Moon will now start waxing (coming into being full) It is a time to bring positive things into our lives. 

Jupiter just recently moved into Leo and ushers in an added energy of expansion and generosity that helps to lift our sails. This is an excellent energy to build something new. Jupiter is king of the Gods. He is the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter expands whatever he touches. He makes you feel good. 

This is an excellent time to initiate new ventures.You can expand your business. Your work may improve. Your creativity can grow. This is a good new energy to meet new people. Love will be uplifting either if you’re in a relationship or finding a new lover. This is a lucky New Moon. This could be one of the best New Moons of the year.

Leo is the sign of ambition so think big and dream big as this Moon cycle is going to give you much needed energy and a boost of luck, so go for things you may not have had the courage to go for before. Ask for that pay rise, ask out that person you have been scared to, go for that job you thought you would never get, make home improvements, push your boundaries a little and ask for more. 

This is no time for watered down, diluted, ideas. The theme of this lunation is about power, the particular power of living and acting from who you really are and what you really want. When we express our passions and our joys without apology or fear we are being our true self and this is where happiness comes from, don’t hold back. Be creative and let your creative juices flow, take a walk on the wacky side of life and get out of your comfort zone, if you stay in the same place and keep doing the same things you will never move from where you are. 

Hopefully, all the inner work you have focused on this year will now be the foundation for bringing more power, love and energy into your life in this creative, forward-moving period. Leo is leadership, when the Moon is in this constellation sign it means standing in the center and receiving all Spirit has ready to gift you so you can then open your hands and heart and take your universal gifts. 

Have a Blessed New Moon, May the Goddess watch over you.







finally done the story of the “virgin” mary and her immaculate conception for my sequential art final.  very happy with how this came out/that it’s finished.

this is beautiful, good job!

This is actually how I said it probably happened.

I just laughed myself into space

This is probably the most hilarious blasphemy I’ve ever read

i shouldn’t have laughed holy poop

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